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When I first moved...

When I first moved to the Old North End Neighborhood thirty years ago, I met my charming neighbors who had young children.  They welcomed my husband and me to the neighborhood with a gift of homemade cherry preserves.  I was expecting our first child and was having a difficult pregnancy where eating was very difficult for me.  It turns out that that jar of preserves tasted better to me than nearly anything else I ate! I savored it and metered it as I wanted to make it last as long as I could.  When the jar inevitably became empty, I bought a jar of cherry preserves at the store.  It just was not the same—I could not stomach it.  Fast forward thirty years, to the other day as I sat at the dining room table of these very same neighbors, where they served homemade cherry preserves! What memories!  

The husband of the very same neighbors, the summer that we moved into our house, was dividing his day lilies and asked me whether I would like to have some for my garden.  I was just getting my garden established at that point and was thrilled to have them!  Last fall, I divided patches of those same day lilies and gave the corms to people in the neighborhood who would give them good homes.  Ours is the kind of neighborhood where neighbors share and help one another, and who can mobilize and act for the good of the neighborhood when issues arise.  Ours is the kind of neighborhood where we can sit around the dining room table of neighbors with whom we have interacted for decades.

Kathy Anderson