"John Muir…sketched…touched, tasted and smelt the trees he met,
in an effort to distinguish the character of each species."

- Robert Macfarlane, Landmarks



Plans by Brett Jackson

Map of ONEN

The median on Wahsatch between East Washington (southern end) and East Jackson (northern end) is not within the "official" ONEN boundary lines, but it's barren and in need of TLC, so NEW has included this median in our landscape design and fundraising plans.

Trees = cash... cool air & deep breathes… and they absorb rain water!

Tools to quantify the benefits of trees


The benefits of trees are calculable. And yet…

The writer and wanderer John Muir lived, as he put it, “in an infinite storm of beauty.” Falling in love with the Sierra Nevadas, his experience of beauty was shaped by its forests, and he believed, “Every tree calls for special admiration.” Robert MacFarlane, author of Landmarks, states of Muir, “He showed that certain landscapes might be precious not in terms of the economic or agrarian resources they provide, but in terms—far harder to measure, far harder to prove—of their effects upon the spirit and the mind.”