~ Who We Are ~


We have all chosen to live in a landscape that says a lot about us. This is a place whose sidewalks, boulevards and parks connect us to our neighbors. This place is designed to create friendships with those who are living, that honors those who came before us, and that preserves a way of life for the next generation.

The Old North End trees have sheltered us for 100 years, but scores of trees along Wahsatch, Cascade, Nevada and Wood Avenues were at the end of their lives, and had to be felled. The loss of 100 dead and dying trees, as with the loss of anything we have loved, can be dismaying.

Take heart! The North End Woodlands project, formed in November 2016, has been vigorously working to restore our urban canopy, and with your open-handed contributions of money and time, 105 replacement trees are now planted. We estimate that an additional 70 trees are needed to “infill” the medians where trees were removed and not replaced over many years, restoring the median’s majesty.

Thankful beyond measure,

~ Your Woodlanders ~



The extravagant vision to save the signature landscape of our neighborhood —its tree-lined medians— happened because of the extravagant generosity of you, our neighbors, who have committed time and money to plant 100 trees in a year. And now, on we go to the expanded mission: to purchase and plant 70 more trees in May 2019.

In our first year of existence, these entities collaborated to plant trees with their generous donations of time, money and in-kind gifts:

Penrose Hospital

First Lutheran Church

J.V. Bruni & Company

Kirkpatrick Bank

Building 3 Coffee

Ranch Foods Direct

Terra Verde

Junior Academy

Raymond James & Associates

Blueprints, Inc.

Broadmoor Garden Club

Colorado Tree Coalition

Goat Patch Brewery

Ladyfingers Letterpress

Cheetah Printing

The Blank

Gemm Consulting

Two Cor

Pikes Peak Library District

The Pop

Vietnamese Baptist Church

Joseph Libretti

Your generosity keeps this project alive!