Memorial & Heritage Program

We hope that we can all work together to assure the majesty and natural assets of one of the best neighborhoods in the US for generations to come.


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Heritage Tree Program

ONEN MEMORIAL/HERITAGE TREE PROGRAM Sponsored by the Old North End Neighborhood Association, the Memorial/Heritage Tree Program allows individuals to donate trees to commemorate special events or as memorials to loved ones. Trees purchased through the program are planted in ONEN’s historic medians on Nevada, Cascade and Wahsatch. Exact placement of each tree is at the discretion of the ONEN and the City Foresters.  The North End Woodlands will assist donors in their ability to select from planting locations available.


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Please consider donating to our Woodlands effort:  The city does not have the resources to replace most of the Old North End’s historic trees, and beyond acquisition of actual trees, there are costs associated with removal, maintenance and attrition that ONEN must be prepared to support for many years to come. 



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Historic Tree-Lined Medians

One of ONEN’s greatest assets is our incredible urban forest.  We are blessed with a bounty of mature trees that create an amazing canopy over our homes, and the historic medians of Nevada, Cascade and Wahsatch Avenues.  Unfortunately, we have been informed by City Forestry that many of these tree-lined medians that have for so long “invited enjoyment of the views and a life out of doors” are old, diseased and dying.  As the recent windstorms so clearly demonstrated, many of the old and vulnerable trees are going to need replacing.

Help assure we regenerate our North End Woodlands for the next generations to enjoy.  Consider participation in our Memorial and Heritage Tree Program as a part of ONEN’s comprehensive plan to nurture and sustain our urban forest for the next century or more.