Living in ONEN

            For thirty years my husband and I have lived in our home in the Old North End Neighborhood.  We live in the sort of neighborhood where people care about the history of their homes and about preserving the historic aspects of the neighborhood.  In fact, many of the homes are on the National Historic Register, as is ours.  When I did the research on our home, built in 1902, I learned that the original owners were prominent socialites in Colorado Springs who were living in this house when their two children were born.  I learned that they entertained guests in their home on Thursdays and that they hosted dances and luncheons here. I know what sorts of centerpieces they had on the dining room table when they entertained.  One day the table was adorned with pansies, maidenhair ferns, and lavender tulle.1  Another day there were pink snapdragons.2  And one evening the lady of the house wore an elegant gown of white chiffon with bands and fringe of crystal. 3

The front porch was an important place of socialization in those days.  I often imagine that more genteel time on our front porch, people enjoying the shade of the trees on the parkways and in the medians.  The trees would have been less mature, younger and healthier.  Just like many of us.  The tree canopy and the lush greenery were just as much a part of the ambiance of the neighborhood as they are now.  And may we keep it ever thus. 

                                                                                                            Kathy Anderson


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2 Gazette, May 28, 1911

3 Gazette, January 19, 1913