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The North End Woodlands: Together We Plant Trees

To honor the trees that sheltered us for more than 100 years, to dream generously for generations 100 years from now, and to preserve Palmer’s vision of a Garden City: the North End Woodlands mission is to replant the trees of the historic medians in the Old North End and create a sustainability fund for their future.


Our original mission…

The initial purpose of the project was to plant 100 trees. One year later, because of the community's generosity, we met this goal. By our fourth planting in October 2018, 105 trees have been planted on all four of ONEN's medians. 

Our expanded mission…

The North End Woodlands group could ‘close up shop’, having met our original goal, but we’ve decided instead to keep fundraising and planting trees! We estimate that an additional 70 trees are needed to replace the trees that have been recently removed, and to infill the blank spaces on the medians where trees were removed years, even decades, ago.

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Our Gracious Supporters

The extravagant vision to save the signature landscape of our neighborhood —its tree-lined medians— happened because of the extravagant generosity of you, our neighbors, who have committed time and money to plant 100 trees in a year. And now, on we go to the expanded mission: to purchase and plant 70 more trees in 2019.

In our first year of existence, these entities collaborated to plant trees with their generous donations of time, money and in-kind gifts: (click here)


Archival photographs courtesy of Pikes Peak Library District

Archival photographs courtesy of Pikes Peak Library District

‘Certain kinds of language can restore a measure of wonder to our relations with nature…having such a language to hand is vital for two reasons: because it allows us to speak clearly about such places, and because it encourages the kinds of allegiance and intimacy with one’s places that might also go by the name of love, and out of which might arise care and good sense.’ - Robert MacFarlane, Landmarks