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Here’s some fun stuff we couldn’t pass up, so brew yourself a good cup of coffee and enjoy!

John Muir

Muir—long-limbed, root-thin—has twists of grey hair that reach his collar, and a white beard that reaches his chest. His legs are crossed, his arms are folded, his hand are gnarled as timber, and his eyes are raised towards the canopy. He is part patriarch, part granite—and mostly tree.
Robert Macfarlane, Landmarks

John Muir (April 21, 1838 – December 24, 1914) also known as "John of the Mountains", was an American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, glaciologist and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness in the United States. 


An Original poem

Our budding author standing on the El Paso Canal.

Our budding author standing on the El Paso Canal.

Jack's Fox Story

A family of foxes went to the chicken coop in the old north end neighborhood, and their mom said, “This is the type of animal you will hunt when you are older.” The three baby foxes said, "Lets get them now!” The mom said, "We can't there’s wire here.” As she poked her paw through. one chicken in the coop said. "Hay watch it.” And went back to pecking. The foxes went back to the irrigation canal, where they lived. That night the first fox went to the coop and tried to get through the wire. He couldn't. The next night the second fox went, and he tried to get in the roof. He couldn’t. The third dug there from his room in the canal he got to it. The ground was concrete but there were lots of rats in the hole so that’s what they ate. The end.  

Robert Macfarlane.jpg

Robert Macfarlane:

This book is the linguistic and philosophical bedrock of the North End Woodlands project. Robert MacFarlane—walker, observer, meticulous note-taker, former chair of the Man Booker Prize—says in the opening sentence to Landmarks, “This is a book about the power of language—strong style, single words—to shape our sense of place.



The 'next gen' of tree-lovers is not an abstraction.  Here's Casper, one of the freshest babies in the neighborhood.  Trees we plant this spring will ensure dappled sunlight and sturdy climbing branches by the time Casper walks to Steele Elementary.


Tree Ring Circus

Colorado Springs, 2011

Sean O’Meallie, Colorado Springs toy inventor turned sculptor


A Turntable That 'Plays' Tree Rings Instead Of Vinyl Grooves: How Did He Do That?

By Matt Weesner
March 24, 2014
Originally published for Colorado Public Radio

A few weeks ago, a listener shared a video showing Austrian media artist Bartholomaus Traubeck making the connection between year rings of a tree trunk and grooves of a record....