Our Crabapple Tree...

Our crabapple tree is the reason that we do not have a master closet as large as we would like (is there ever one that large?). When we began to dig the foundation for the addition to our house, the architect said that we could not dig any closer to the crabapple tree, because we would endanger its life by damaging the roots.  This meant that we would not be able to have our dream master closet.  It was an easy decision for us to make, as this crabapple tree had become an important part of our family.  Our five-year-old son climbed that tree everyday because he had discovered that he could see into the neighbors’ yard from its lofty branches.  And they could see him. He had many conversations with the neighbors that would not have happened had he stayed on the ground on our side of the fence. This crabapple tree was cooperative enough to bloom profusely each year when our kids had their prom dates here for pictures.


We have so many beautiful pictures of our children under this tree. What memories! Each year the tree has matured and become more interesting.  As have our children. Now that our kids have moved on to their own lives, our tree shelters our cat who routinely climbs the tree to chase squirrels or birds—or even to peer into the neighbor’s yard as our son did many years ago. In the spring when the tree is in full bloom, there are so many bees on each blossom that the entire tree vibrates with the low buzzing bees at work gathering nectar.  So sometimes there are more important things in life than having the largest master closet and for us it is our crabapple tree.

Mike Anderson