An Original Poem

By Ellie H.
ONEN Resident

To a child, a tree is never just a tree.
A tree is a figure filled with a world of possibilities.
A tree is the “base” in a neighborhood game of Cops and Robbers –
The place the child can safely take a rest before continuing to run
As fast as her little legs will carry her.

A tree is the castle’s watchtower,
The ship’s nest, or a secret cave high up in the rocks,
From which she can survey everything around her.

A tree is the wall of her fantasy home,
Where she can lie in the shade and rest.
It is the place she hides before revealing herself as the true queen.

It is a reminder that something which begins so small and feeble –
Something that needs support posts to hold it up – can grow into a massive, stable being;
A being fit to withstand any adversity that comes its way.

A tree reminds her to play and to imagine,
And to be strong and empowered against anything that tries to knock her down.